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Our First Instant Pot Attempt

After hours of YouTube research by my husband (it’s the only way!) and Pinterest creeping for recipes, we finally pulled the trigger and bought an Instant Pot.  I’ve been eyeing them up for so long, and the thing that really got me this time was that you can also sterilize baby bottles in there!  The multi-tool of the kitchen? Sign me up!

When it arrived yesterday afternoon, we decided the first meal we were going to make would be something we loved and also not too crazy or expensive in case we ended up messing it up.  Grandma Wilson’s barbecues (aka sloppy joe’s to most other people) were at the top of our list!

Our first Instant Pot endeavor wasn’t a total fail, the meal still ended up being delicious, but it wasn’t great either.  We learned some good first-timer lessons…and probably should have read the instructions thoroughly first.

Here are a few of the handy tips that we figured out on this first go around:

  1. If you’re making sloppy joes, chili, or anything with a heavier sauce-especially tomatoes-do not mix it together with the ground meat you are using!  Pour the sauce on top of the meat and mix it all together once it is DONE cooking.  We mixed it all together like we normally do on the stove.  If the sauce is too heavy, the steam can’t get through it and causes the bottom to burn.  You then get a super alarming and scary series of beeps and a “BURN” reading on the front panel.
  2. If you’re adding any thickening agent such as flour or starch, wait to add it until AFTER the steam cooking is completed.  Again, we added this all in at the same time, which likely contributed to the BURN screen of death.
  3. The BURN screen isn’t horrible, but it does mean that something has burnt onto the bottom of the pot.  We took the barbecue mixture out and cleaned the pot right away.  Thankfully it came off and looked good as new!

We ended up just cooking it for the rest of the time on the stove so nothing burned again, but tomorrow we’re giving chicken wings a try!  I’m so excited to have this new tool and learn all of the ways it will help me when Baby Wilson is taking up all of my time and we need a quick, hot meal.

You can find the Instant Pot we have here.  After going to TEN different stores over the weekend, the only place we found them in stock was Amazon.  Apparently these are a bigger deal than I thought!