How Do You Start to Update a Bathroom?!

My husband and I purchased our first home together in July of 2015, a few months before we got married.  I absolutely love our house, but if I were to do it all again, I would not pile the stress of planning a wedding, looking for a house, going through the mortgage process and moving all into a few months prior to the wedding.  (though it did make registering way more fun when I had a new house to try and decorate! )

We’ve now lived here for a little over two years and our Barbie Dream House To-Do List is ever growing.  The only project we’ve managed to complete so far is painting our bathroom walls…and even that didn’t get started until a few months ago.  Here’s a quick before and after:


 As much as I loved the..I don’t know how to nicely say this..puke/lime green color on the was time for a change.

I’ve now made it my priority to finish our bathroom upgrade with or without my husband’s help!! (Sorry, Cole..I really do need your do you take out a shower? How do you replace a faucet?  Can you show me how to use a nail gun?!)  I’m trying to break this down into little chunks so I don’t get overwhelmed or get decision fatigue.  This is extremely common for me, especially when I’m trying to look for the best deal all the time.

The first order of business is a new faucet and new cabinet hardware.  I’ve already tossed many ideas around and looked at too many bathrooms on Pinterest.  Do I go with the oil rubbed bronze items?  Or keep it classic with brushed stainless steel?  Just when I think I’ve made a decision, I see another adorable bathroom and change my mind again. 

Credit: @blessed_ranch

Credit: Pinterest 

Credit: Pinterest

I like a good contrast, so I think I’m leaning more towards the bronze, as the light in our bathroom is already that color..but also our house is very dark with tons of wood, so I want to stay on the lighter side whenever I can..decisions decisions!  Maybe in 3 more years I’ll be able to choose a wall color for our bedroom.

If you need me, I’ll be the one with 17 different tabs open; comparing and contrasting every faucet known to man for the next week…