Everyday Life

Hi there!

Is it weird that I decided to give blogging a try while reading through my middle school diaries?

I was by no means a good writer, unless you consider good writing to be a girl falling madly in love with her scuba diving instructor while on a family vacation when she is 11 years old..and then proceeding to imagine their life together for the next 50 pages..oh, Orlando, if only you knew the impact you had on middle school Erin! Or perhaps the epic tale of fighting with your best friend because the shout out she posted in her AOL Instant Messenger profile didn’t contain enough inside jokes.  How I overcame the hardships of middle school, I’ll never know.

Man, did I love to write though!  I filled diaries within weeks..writing a few times a day, bringing my diaries to sleepovers and family trips just so I could document everything and have my friends make guest appearances, writing a sentence or two just to say hi..

So when I thought about writing again, but this time about more adult stuff (though still taking time to gush a little bit about the one man in my life), middle school Erin came out in full force and was ready and raring to go!

A little less boy crazy and a little more city girl turned country, I’ll be sharing my great and not-so-great moments while trying to figure out how to live off the land, become a crafty bee, cook up recipes fit for a meat and potatoes man (while his wife tries to shed a few pounds and avoid drowning in butter) and attempting DIY projects on our first home together.