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Etsy Shops Saved Our Wedding

When my husband and I got married a little over two years ago, we decided to try to pay for the wedding by ourselves as much as we could.  Two months before the big day, we bought a house…so our budget was REALLY tight.

I wanted to get creative and had quite a few crafty nights with my hot glue gun and a glass of wine.  However, some tasks were a little too tough for me to try and DIY, so I turned to the place I knew would be able to help with every need..Etsy.

I wanted to give a shout out to a few shops that made some of my absolute favorite things from my wedding.  Purchasing all of these items on Etsy also inspired me to create my own Etsy shop..and Beauty and the Beard was born! 

I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on flowers.  I like to keep things simple, and for me, it’s so hard to spend hundreds of dollars on something that will only last a few hours.  I was looking at fake flower bouquets, but most that I looked at just looked a little too fake for me, and I wanted something that would also photograph well.

Enter TheBloomingCorner. These flowers are made out of WOOD (yes, you read that right..wood!).  They are AMAZING and beautiful!! The sola wood is so thin, it almost feels like a styrofoam.  No one believed that my bouquet was fake until you really looked up close.  I was SO pleased with the work Annette had done and told everyone I could about it.  The bouquet survived the wedding, the pictures and the dance and is still just as beautiful as the day I got it.  It’s proudly displayed in our room, and will be for years to come, which to me is the best part.

I tried on a few different veils when I went dress shopping, and all looked far too formal for my taste.  My mom loved them, which meant they weren’t going to work for me (sorry, mom!)

Instead of a veil, I opted for a hair comb from LuxeBridalDesign decked out with pearls and crystals.  It turned out so well, I don’t think my mom even missed the veil!  Plus, I saved myself a lot of neck pain from people hugging me and jerking my head back each time they hit the veil.

The final Etsy item from our wedding is this guestbook alternative from MarshmallowInkLLC. I knew I didn’t want the traditional guestbook and since we had just moved into our new home, we had lots of empty wall space!

This was perfect for us and took away the pressure of making our guests think of something else sentimental to write (as they likely already wrote a message on a card to us as well).  We had everyone just sign their name, and if there were any blank spots, we colored the leaves in to make it look like it was part of the picture.

This is still on our wall and serves as such a great reminder every day of who was able to join us at our wedding and the love that was shared that day!

Prior to the wedding, of course, was the bachelorette party.  My best friend, Morgan, decided to get creative and make these fake mugshots for us to use.  They were so much fun!  We probably should have taken them at the end of the night for a more realistic looking mugshot..I mean..no, we didn’t have any adult beverages..:)

She also makes adorable boxes for asking ladies to be in your wedding party.  I can say firsthand how great they are, since she used one to ask me to be a bridesmaid!  Go check her shop out for your bachelorette needs-Head Bride in Charge.

I would also like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug our own Etsy shop-BeautyandtheBeardWI.  My husband and I decided to give this a try to showcase items that I made for our wedding and his woodworking skills.  We also just got a Cricut, so will be updating it with all sorts of great new items!

It’s so important to me to try and shop locally and support small businesses.  I try to do that whenever I can, and Etsy is a great place to start!