Baby W Nursery Remodel

The nesting phase has finally set in, though shockingly enough it’s hit harder with my husband than it has for me so far!

We’ve been discussing how we wanted to do the nursery for a long time, but finally decided to pull the trigger just a few days before Christmas.  Makes sense, right?  Time to add more chaos before the chaos..but that’s my husband for you.  At least he’s motivated!

The pictures are pretty embarrassing, but the nursery was previously our junk room.  One of those Monica Gellar closets where everything gets tossed and the door is closed for no one to see because it’s terrifying.  How did we possibly own this much junk?!

It took a lot of quality time with my label maker (seriously, Monica Gellar over here) and lots of trips to Goodwill to get that room totally emptied out.

Our main goals with this room were to create a more gender neutral space that could be used for potential Baby #2 down the road and to remember we could get creative with a small budget. My dad graciously gifted us with our dream crib (find it here) for our first big baby item and what really pushed us into finally getting this nursery started.  The matching dresser for this crib was simply out of our budget, so we ventured to a few local thrift stores looking for a solid dresser to refinish ourselves.

Here’s the dresser we chose when we first bought it and then once we started the sanding process:

We ended up using the same color as the vanity in our master bathroom since we had quite a bit leftover.  Amazingly, it matches the color of our crib perfectly!

We filled in the holes on the bottom 4 drawers so we could just have one drawer pull in the middle.  We ordered a few drawer pulls from Amazon, but they didn’t work out the way we liked, so that portion is still in progress, but you can see what we’ve done so far minus the drawers!   Who needs pesky drawers anyway, right?!

It may be hard to see in this picture, but that room was incredibly dark.  I’m not sure if it was the old light fixture, small windows, super dark paint or a combination of all three, but it was hard to see in there.

We bought this light from Amazon (I truly think it’s now become my mission to do all upgrades via Amazon..) and Cole installed it like a pro electrician.  Seriously, I am so lucky to be married to such a handyman who loves doing these sorts of things.  The light instantly helped and was much nicer to look at.

As you saw in some previous posts, we recently painted our bathroom a light gray.  We had almost a full gallon of that leftover, so decided that would be the next portion of our #ballinonabudget move.

No pretty Instagram worthy pics here, guys.  Just the real life messy chaos of painting!

We decided to paint all of the trim white, as our house is very heavy on the wood and dark brown colors.  If we ever mention wanting to paint trim again, someone please slap me.  This was a serious pain.  It would be way more worth it to just buy white trim and make the necessary cuts next time, as each piece needed 3 coats.  Talk about a time sucker!

After a lot of back and forth about what to do with our closet doors and bedroom door, we decided to paint them the same color as the dresser.

After a long few days of painting (mainly for Cole while I worked a few rooms away and gave him moral support because #pregolife) we are finally done!  Now for a few finishing touches like updating the vents, light switches and outlets and putting the closet together and we should be done for the moment.  Cole will be building shelves and we’ll be figuring out artwork for the walls.  We’re going with a woodland theme, so the options are endless!

I’ll post more pictures once all is finally complete and we clean up the remnants of paint brushes, nails, screwdrivers and drop cloths all over the place.  In the midst of all of this chaos and prepping, we took the time to soak in the last Christmas we’ll have as just the two of us and relaxed while we still can. 🙂


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